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Inventory updated: Mon, Jan 22, 2018 05:33 PM cst

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Regions: Australia
Vintages: Between 2002 and 2002


Producer Vint. Wine Price Bts Qty
Barton Vale 2002 The Challenger Shiraz Very Lightly Scuffed Label $29 3
Clayfield 2002 Grampians Shiraz $25 1
Colonial Estate 2002 Émigré Proprietary Blend Nicked Capsule; Slightly Exposed Cork; Very Lightly Bin-Soiled Label $45 3
2002 Exile Shiraz Lightly Scuffed Label $59 1
2002 Exile Shiraz Slightly Depressed Cork; Very Lightly Bin-Soiled Label $59 1
2002 Exile Shiraz Very Lightly Bin-Soiled Label $59 1
Eppalock Ridge 2002 Shiraz Slightly Depressed Cork $20 1
Glaetzer 2002 Amon-Ra McLaren Vale Shiraz $89 1
2002 Amon-Ra McLaren Vale Shiraz Lightly Bin-Soiled Label $89 1
Glaymond 2002 Distinction Shiraz Very Lightly Scuffed Label $79 1
Kaesler 2002 Stonehorse Shiraz $30 1
Kilikanoon 2002 Killermans Run Sybarites Shiraz $15 1
Kurtz Family 2002 Boundary Row Shiraz Slightly Depressed Cork; Torn Label $24 1
Possums Vineyard 2002 Shiraz $25 5
2002 Shiraz Slightly Depressed Cork; Lightly Scuffed Label $25 1
Thorn-Clarke 2002 Shotfire Ridge Shiraz $49 1
Troll Creek 2002 Shiraz $50 1
Two Way Range 2002 Shiraz Very Lightly Bin-Soiled Label $45 1
Veritas Winery 2002 Heinrich Shiraz Mataro Grenache Nicked Label; Bin-Soiled Label $30 2


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